The Electrical Guy

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Electrical Service

If you are looking for a full service electrical contractor to provide residential electrical service, call The Electrical Guy. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your home or experiencing an electrical problem, our electricians will provide you with prompt professional service. Why is it so important to hire a licensed residential electrical contractor when building your home? A license means a lot more than a piece of paper. Those who are licensed have passed rigorous tests of their knowledge regarding not only electrical wiring and components, but legal codes, safety rules and regulations, and more. In addition, having a licensed professional take care of all of the electrical aspects of your new home construction protects not only the electrician, but you if something should go wrong.

Ultimately, a licensed electrician is insured and bonded; therefore, your electrical service needs will be completed in compliance with all rules and regulations, and you will be covered by the company’s insurance should any damage occur. Your home is a huge investment, so don’t risk its safety or that of your family to fire or other potentially dangerous issues. When building a new home, you have a thousand things to think about and a hundred decisions to make – why worry about electrical wiring and other electric issues, when you can enjoy peace of mind? You have decisions to make about color schemes, materials for counter tops, flooring, cabinets, kitchen and bath fixtures, appliances, and so much more. Although electricity is something we all use every day and don’t know how we would live without, it’s something that you, as a new homeowner, should not have to think about.